Engel & Völkers

Completed, 2015

Project Start:

Rome, Italy

Interior Architecture, Furnishing

Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers, a renowned real estate brokerage firm with over 1,000 locations worldwide, specializes in representing luxurious residences. As a brand synonymous with excellence and established global presence, they sought a corporate design and interior concept that reflected their strong identity. Studio JK was entrusted with this task, not merely for one location but to provide a cohesive design strategy adaptable to their diverse array of projects across major cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, and more.

In response to Engel & Völkers' evolving needs, Studio JK devised a transformative design approach. Our design focused on maximizing efficiency and functionality, incorporating a modular furniture system adaptable to various cityscapes. With an emphasis on clean desk policies, we integrated storage solutions, including lockers, allowing brokers to seamlessly connect their laptops to designated workstations. The design exuded the pristine white aesthetics aligning with the corporate identity while introducing a clear lighting concept. The modular furniture system, including branding elements, facilitated consistency across diverse locations, ensuring flexibility in its application.

Our showcase project in Rome exemplifies this approach, where the juxtaposition of modern corporate identity within an old-style classic palazzo creates a visually compelling contrast. From facade to reception, wardrobe, benches, and even picture frames, every element was meticulously crafted to integrate the brand seamlessly. This design strategy was not confined to a singular location but provided Engel & Völkers with a versatile toolkit applicable to their worldwide expansion.

In our collaborative journey with Engel & Völkers, Studio JK has not merely designed spaces but has strategically provided a comprehensive design system. The showcased branch in Rome serves as a prime example of our commitment to blending the historical context of a location with the contemporary needs of a global brand, creating spaces that resonate with both B2B and B2C audiences.

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