Our studio is located in the heart of Hamburg, in an old, listed townhouse built in 1891. In an increasingly fast paced world, where the stresses of everyday life are many, the studio provides us with an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its cultural and historical richness, paired with its calm and quiet location, make it the ideal space to allow for inspiration and productivity. With our focus on materiality and craftsmanship, we have a wide range of samples available in our vast material library, along with a plethora of books on design and architecture to aid us in our design process.

Photos: Franziska Krieck


We are a team of international, interdisciplinary architects, interior architects and designers with a wide range of experience working on projects through all phases. At the studio, we foster an open and collaborative atmosphere, making use of our various strengths while also working together to improve upon each other’s weaknesses. We encourage a sense of continuous learning from one another and a sense of community, emphasizing teamwork and collaboration to optimize our work in a productive and exciting way.

Photos: Oliver Abraham

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