Studio JK’s journey began in 2006 when Jessica Klatten founded the studio in Hamburg. Over the years, the studio has meticulously cultivated a dynamic team of architects, interior architects, and designers, uniting diverse talents and perspectives under one creative roof. Studio JK has worked on a wide range of projects, from the cultural to the residential, with a heavy focus on craftsmanship, quality and multigenerational longevity. Studio JK’s design philosophy is rooted in the notion that every project is a unique canvas, deserving of a unique and bespoke solution that is dependent on the context. 

The vision is to celebrate the artistry of local craftsmen and harness the timeless beauty of raw materials to create lasting and enduring spaces. The practice focuses on empathetic design, where every project is a manifestation of the clients' desires, their culture and their way of life. Collectively, these elements come together to create a holistic architectural approach that transcends the conventional. The goal is to produce spaces that significantly enhance the daily lives and experiences of its users. Through this sophisticated and collaborative process with a wide range of experts, artists and craftsmen, Studio JK seeks to transform the client’s vision into a harmonious architectural tapestry that weaves seamlessly into their lifestyle.