Felix Jud Bookstore

Completed, 2022

Project Start:

Warburgstraße, Hamburg, Germany

100 m2

Renovation of old building, Interior Architecture, Furnishing


Florian-Elias Rieser (Project Manager), Fadia Barnaoui, Noé Berton 


Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung (Lighting Design)

Felix Jud Bookstore, founded in 1923, is located in the heart of Hamburg. It is a renowned cultural institution celebrated for its traditional charm and highly curated collection of books, including signed and limited edition items. This intimate bookstore is not just a place to purchase books; it is a cornerstone of intellectual and artistic life in the city, hosting events, authors and lecturers from around the world. Following their partnership with The New Institute, they were given the only public space of the ensemble, which was previously occupied by a shoemaker. The bookstore was envisioned as an open, accessible hub where residents, neighbours, and visitors could engage with the institute and learn about its ethos. The bookstore's connection with the New Institute runs deep, providing a platform for the institute's fellows to showcase their own books and have public reading sessions. Fellows can also order books through the store for their research, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the institute and the bookstore.

To honour Hamburg's traditional architectural style while infusing modernity, the bookstore's design underwent a transformation. The result: an open, democratic, and intellectual space. The shelving system stands as an honest and transparent representation of construction methods. Its horizontal nature plays the dual function of maximizing space for the books while also allowing the flexible use of the shelves for art exhibitions. The positioning of books frontally showcases their cover pages to invite visitors to explore the collection in a unique and engaging way. We renovated the vault ceiling, which was all white, sandblasting the paint and plaster to expose the original brick as a testament to the structural integrity of the bookstore.

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