Completed, 2009

Project Start:

Mallorca, Spain

2,700 m2

Architecture, Interior Architecture, Furnishing


Schlothfeld Licht (Lighting Design), Breimann & Bruun (Landscape Architecture)

Perched on the windswept mountains of Deja on the western side of Mallorca, this residence offers a majestic panorama of the sea, capturing the essence of the island's rugged and stormy coast. Positioned strategically on a cliff along the coastline, the property, once adorned only with olive trees in its dry setting, has undergone a remarkable transformation. The owner's vision was to create a home inspired by the traditional Mallorcan "possession" style, characterized by its old-world charm and authenticity. The house, ingeniously designed around a central courtyard, pays homage to this architectural tradition with the incorporation of classic wooden windows that evoke a sense of heritage. The entire structure revolves harmoniously around the courtyard, allowing for shaded terraces that provide both respite from the elements and captivating views of the surrounding landscape. This project not only embraces the rich cultural heritage of Mallorca but also stands as a testament to the perfect marriage between traditional aesthetics and the untamed beauty of the island's coastal setting.

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